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I have known Jack Wallace for almost 20 years in my capacity as a Risk Manager for a NYSE traded company. During this time I found Jack to be an excellent broker and more importantly a business advisor and partner. Jack on many occasions offered insight on how to improve our programs to make them more efficient and cost effective. I found him to have outstanding integrity and problem solving skills. I commend him to anyone who needs a broker of exceptional quality.

- Marc Albright

The team at Palmer & Wallace are exceptional. We were coming up on our insurance renewal period and really needed an advocate for our Company. Palmer & Wallace exceeded our expectations and delivered amazing results. Our coverage improved and premiums came in below expectations and the previous year premiums. We were excited for the savings but also impressed with the service provided. I know the team is only a phone call away and ready to answer any questions. Groups360 has a trusted partner in Palmer & Wallace.

-Parker Collins